Festival Aqui Acolá

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28th of May | 16.15h | Ruas da Vila
28th of May | 00.00h | Largo do Pelourinho

Created in Barcelona in 2008, Residual / Gurus is a trans disciplinary theatre company with a sound and style all of its own. They present avant-garde street shows loaded with energy and creativity. The use of recycled materials, intimate interaction with the audience, and the return to ancestral sounds and traditions creates a truly unique environment and a fascinating artistic concept.

At the Aqui Acolá Festival, they will present two completely different shows ; a daytime show based on an existential crisis ( where humor is always present ) and another show at night ; based on creatures of the night that come to life through led lights and electronic music. It is simply not to be missed.

In the daytime show, four upper-class executives go into an existential collapse, a point of no return in their lives. From there, they experience a metamorphosis through music, incorporating values such as respect, sustainability, and love. Electronic sounds, rhythmic language, original instruments, laughter, and theatrical improvisation combine in an unforgettable collective ritual.

In the evening's show, who will these strange and brilliant characters be?! From what unknown lands do they bring their energetic dances and music?! Dark times invite us to sharpen our senses and seek light by the hand of organic electronics, a sound made through musical instruments created and designed with recycled materials and lighting that is totally synchronized in perfect harmony.


26 of May | 10.00h | Ponte D. Luís
26 of May | 12.30h | Ponte D. Luís
29 of May | 16.00h | Ruas da Vila

With the intention of making street art, Camachofones was born in August 2013. They are a group that doesn't define itself under any particular style, but navigate some discernible musical universes, such as Afrobeat, rock, jazz and Funk

The band believes that the street is the purest stage that art can have, because the street is the stage where all of us can enjoy the freedom to communicate using music as a vehicle for our universal emotions.

Camachofones is composed of two sections: Woodwind (2 trumpets, 2 saxophones, and tuba) and Percussion, which includes a less common instrument, the tubphone. Their repertoire is made up of originals and some covers.