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Vera Andrade

18 to 21 of May | 10:00 am | Garden of the Municipal Store Services | Indoor

In the life of Vera Andrade, the passion for ceramics dates back to the mid-90s. The artist owns a Portuguese brand “Pedaço de Barro” registered since 2011.

On display will be a sample of his work, with pieces designed and elaborated over the years, which have undergone a constant natural evolution. Made by someone who is always reinventing himself, adding and investing in his own style, as the artist reveals.

With an artistic repertoire arising from various clay treatment processes, in a mixture of techniques and materials, where pigments, glazes and oxides are mixed, as well as the simplicity of the raw material itself. The composition emerges from the geometric shapes with the game of textures reaching a balance, resulting in the occupation of the void.

In this exhibition, the visitor will find pieces with different shapes and styles, varying their function depending on the observation of the same. There is no theme as a common thread between the pieces, the pieces speak for themselves, making known the plasticity of this material where the limit is the imagination. Everything is handcrafted.