Festival Aqui Acolá

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The Festival

The Festival Aqui Acolá, promoted by the Town Council of Ponta do Sol, has the collaboration of several local cultural entities / personalities, assuming itself as an event that promotes Arts, Culture and Traditions.

Its genesis shows the pretension to bring together the most varied artistic manifestations in an event that deserves to be dignified and, above all, that honorably elevates the noblest artistic, cultural and traditional parchments through a pragmatic stylistic eclecticism assumed.

Ponta do Sol is a creative town, or it would not be the birthplace of pioneering projects in the regional and national culture, being per se one of the cultural centers of reference in Madeira island.

The Festival Aqui Acolá comes in some way to raise and praise all this dynamics. A festival that is held for the 6th consecutive year and intends to continue in the field of reflection on creation, art, culture and tradition, with a multidisciplinary program. This year takes place from 9th to 12th of May, always beginning on the Feast of the Ascension, that used to be a local holiday, and brings together music, dance, theater, cinema, literature, photography, among others.

The Aqui Acolá Festival is an authentic celebration of art, culture and tradition that attracts thousands of people of various generations and preferences for four days, or it would not be the most eclectic festival in Madeira.